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  Product Description:
  The multi-branch stainless steel solvent filter is of reasonable structure, no welding point, nice appearance and integrated design. This kind of filter is with independent valves so that it can filter not only a single sample but also several samples at the same time, which can save testing time effectively when there are lots of samples to be tested.  Jinlong ("津隆") multi-branch stainless steel solvent filter is made of 316L stainless steel, and with advantages of resistance to acids/alkalis, rapid filtration rate, long lifetime, reasonable structure, convenience to clean, easy to use, etc., is widely applied for various industries, such as chemicals, biochemical pharmacy, environmental protection, foods and beverages, etc. It has to be used together with Jinlong ("津隆") oil-free vacuum pumps.
  Product Features:
  Made of high-quality 316L stainless steel, this product has resistance to acids, alkalis and corrosions which ensures it can be used for sterilization at the high temperature of 180℃。 The clamp made of aluminum-alloy is in considerate and precision design to make the filtering bowl connect with the head closely enough to ensure tight sealing, no gas and/or liquid leaking, convenient for completing high-temperature sterilization and getting more accurate analysis result.
  The sieve plate of stainless steel can prevent membranes from becoming ruptured or perforated and ensure analysis accuracy of samples.
  The various parts of the filter can be dissembled and easy to clean.
  Membrane Sizes:φ47、φ50
  Product Specifications:
  Single-branch stainless steel filter, three-branch stainless steel filter, four-branch stainless steel filter, and six-branch stainless steel filter.