Membrane filter (millipore) application in the pharmaceutical industry

More than a hundred years ago, there were foreign microporous membrane production, but only in the past 30 years has been applied in the pharmaceutical industry, for the historical hospital infusion filter only ten years. General filtration sterilization treatment process is composed of a coarse filtering, pre filtering and sterilizing filter 3 filter unit, the basic criterion of each filtering unit is the selection of coarse filter be cheap, pre filtering precision to the right, filtration sterilization must be reliable. Sterilization methods include: screening interception, interception, interception and adsorption diffusion embedding interception.

Has been used in the pharmaceutical industry of our country (microfiltration membrane pore size < 0.22 m) liquid technology to clarify again sterilization, removing pyrogen. There is also the use of ultrafiltration method to remove pyrogen antibiotics, this method is a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by pyrogen removing method of authentication, the principle is the use of ultrafiltration membrane aperture is less than the truncated pyrogen pyrogen molecular weight, let the liquid through a simple operation, material, equipment with no pollution of feed liquid, obtaining rate the advantages of high, good quality, low labor intensity, and can be widely applied to the injection, raw materials, water for injection and other products.