Ultrafiltration water purifier filter principle and way of how to?

China on the market can be divided into two categories and pure water machine. The so-called water purifier is removal of suspended solids and organic compounds, on the human body harmful inorganic compounds, heavy metals, bacteria, and can keep the vector elements and minerals necessary for the human body products; impurities all the so-called pure water machine is to filter water, only after all the pure water molecules. The long-term drinking pure water is not conducive to human health, water lost trace elements needed by human body, long-term drinking is harmful to health. In all, we can choose water purifier, but ultrafiltration membrane water purifier filter principle and way of how to? Let small make up for your sharing:

The ultrafiltration membrane filtering principle

Ultrafiltration is a membrane aperture size and related screening process, to the pressure difference across the membrane is used as the driving force, with ultrafiltration membrane as the filter medium, under pressure, when the solution flows through the surface membrane, microporous many tiny ultrafiltration membrane surface with only allows water and small molecules pass through and become liquid and solution volume is larger than the membrane surface micro aperture of material was retained in the liquid into the film side, become concentrated liquid, thus to achieve separation and concentration of solution, the purpose of purification.

Ultrafiltration membrane filtration method

A hollow fiber ultrafiltration is mainly composed of hundreds to thousands of hollow fiber silk and shell is composed of two parts, the general will be hollow fiber diameter between 0.6-6mm ultrafiltration membrane called capillary ultrafiltration membrane, capillary ultrafiltration membrane with inner diameter is larger, so it is not easy to be large particles plug, more suitable for filtering solution concentration great occasion.

A) internal pressure filter:

Solution first from the membrane wire inner hole, the pressure difference to drive along the radial direction from the inside to the outside, penetrating the hollow fiber through liquid as internal pressure filter, pressure filter can be used in high pressure and large flow along the tangential direction of flushing, make rapid flow through the flushing water and film holes, which can be adsorbed in the film holes on the surface of the dash, water flux recovery membrane.

B) external pressure type filter:

Liquid by pressure difference to drive along the radial direction from the outside to the inside to penetrate through the hollow fiber membrane silk become liquid, and the retention substances together in an external hollow wire for external pressure type filter. : external pressure type ultrafiltration membrane in the membrane shell sealing, flow of the dead and more, methods cannot use fast straight scavenging pollutants on the membrane surface adhesion, and therefore can not completely decontamination.