Water purifier if according to the classification of water quality treatment mode

Water purifier if classified words according to treatment methods of water quality, can be roughly divided into the following 10 categories:

1 softening method

Reduce the water hardness (calcium, magnesium hardness mainly refers to the ion content in water).

Disadvantages: to improve water quality.

The 2 distillation

Bring the water to a boil, then gathered steam, which cools and condenses into liquid (distilled water is extremely safe drinking water).

Shortcomings: high cost, long-term drinking can cause the loss of trace elements and minerals the human body.

3 boiling method

Refers to the tap water to drink after boiling, this is an ancient method (commonly used in China).

Disadvantages: some chemical and metal material is difficult to remove.

4 magnetization method

Water treatment by magnetic field effect, known as the magnetization water (used in medical fields).

Disadvantages: high technical requirements.

5 mineralization method

In the purification of basis to the water add mineral elements beneficial to the human body (commercially available water purifier general by adding Maifan stone in the water purifier to achieve mineralized purpose).

Disadvantages: the national order prohibiting "wading products may not promote any health care function.

6 ozone and ultraviolet sterilization

Sterilization, can not remove the heavy metal in water and chemicals.

Disadvantages: can sterilization, bacterial bodies still residue in water.

7 adsorption

Granular activated carbon is used, with chemical adsorption and catalytic oxidation, reduction performance, can effectively remove the water to some metal ions.

Silver infiltrated activated carbon and the effect of sterilization of more than 90%, so by application of small water purifier.

Activated carbon fiber in foreign for solvent recovery.

8.RO reverse osmosis membrane

A kind of international popular ro way through to the raw water filtration treatment (physical) after does not add any compounds to produce pure water machine can be used for direct human drinking (water use is very extensive).

9 micro filtration and ultrafiltration method

Microporous membrane made of cellulose or polymer materials, using the uniform aperture retain water particles, bacteria, colloid, which can be removed by ultrafiltration membrane is not.

Disadvantages: can remove high molecular substances, such as bacteria and viruses, but lower flux.

10 composite

Using two or more than two kinds of process for composite. (composite water purifier, membrane technology of composite water purifier water purification with excellent performance, has become the focus of the current development of the water purifier)