Repair faucet filter gets him in trouble

"Dragged on for more than a month, the manufacturers always let me wait, I really do not know what to wait." Citizens Mr. Sheng was a little tap water filter trouble for nearly two months. Water storage barrel faucet bad need of repair, while the door-to-door salesman but can not contact, the specific time manufacturers can not give a solution to the problem.

At the end of 8 this year, Mr. Sheng business shop to a man, he claimed to be a Shanghai blue sparrow card salesman drinking machine, door-to-door water filter. After the introduction, Mr. Sheng think, the product looks very formal, with 800 yuan to buy this filter. The second day, the switch leading to filter water storage keg bad, full of water storage will be directly to the extravasation. Mr. Sheng said that he was with the salesman, but he came to fix two times has not been repaired, then call his mobile phone impassability. Mr. Sheng helpless, in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer of telephone dozen past, manufacturers say that this filter is another manufacturers for their production of ancillary products, such as the need to repair the product, can put the mail in the past, they contact the manufacturer to repair. Mr. Sheng thought that would solve the problem, but since September 14th sent date, until now the manufacturers also can't give a precise answer, but said finished again.

According to Mr. Sheng provide contact, reporter dialed the salesman phone number (132 x x x x 6092) and a fixed telephone (4289 * * *), voice prompt of mobile phone has been overdue payment, fixed telephone number does not exist. The reporter then contacted the Shanghai Blue Jays pure water equipment Co., Ltd., the customer service department of the Miss Chen said, if the quality problem of the machine itself, production manufacturers offer replacement over to them to send back, if not repair, manufacturers will give a written explanation to the consumers through their.

Mr. Sheng was very puzzled: very simple thing how it dragged on for so long? Infinite waiting really makes people worry worry. The reporter ask the director Zhao Hefei City CaseTrust complaints consultation department, Zhao said for door-to-door sales of goods, consumers should be careful, it is best not to buy, if there is a problem, because there is no credit guarantee, it difficult for consumers to protect their own legitimate rights and interests. Mr. Sheng, if manufacturers have to delay the time, need to contact the Shanghai Consumer Council urged manufacturers to solve as soon as possible.