The implementation of tubular ceramic microporous membrane components industry standard

In order to strengthen the ceramic microfiltration membrane standardization, scientific management and production, tubular ceramic microporous membrane components industry standard recently will be implemented.

Ceramic microfiltration membrane component has the advantages of good chemical stability, high mechanical strength and narrow pore size distribution, high separation efficiency, antimicrobial ability, is widely applied in the field of chemical industry, food, medicine, biological engineering, environmental protection, the current domestic products have reached the international level of the same kind product.

For extensive research on the standards in the preparation process, according to the current production level of the domestic ceramic microporous membrane element research present situation and the international ceramic microfiltration membrane element, scientific, practical principles for compiling the standard.

This standard is mainly applied to ceramic tube type microporous membrane elements, including single and multi channel two forms, the provisions of the classification method of ceramic microfiltration membrane element.

In the product model, the ceramic microfiltration membrane element code using ceramic membranes English the abbreviation of ceramicmembrane cm said by microfiltration and ultrafiltration; microfiltration ultrafiltra-tion English capitalized said membrane classification; Arabia digital aperture type with an average pore size in the nanometer unit representation; dimension represented by English letters, mainly to define the channel number and diameter of two the parameters of diameter, the provisions in the light of domestic and foreign existing products, in order to tubular ceramic microporous membrane element sealing and mounting angle set. Membrane material is the main provisions of the alumina, titania and zirconia three.

In addition, the standard of the ceramic microporous membrane element appearance, dimensional tolerances and performance (maximum aperture, the average pore size, porosity and pure water flux) are made clear. At the same time the physicochemical properties of ceramic microfiltration membrane element explicit provisions (bending strength) and stability (corrosion of acid and alkali).

It is reported, this standard is the application by the China Film Association, 10 standards approved by the State Oceanic Administration of marine industry in a.